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Green human resource management practices and employee retention in hotel industry

Retention is seen as the core of the organization's achievement but nowadays organizations are constantly looking for the best method and strategies to apply in preventing the rate of turnover and enhance retention. Because retention has a wide range of opportunities if it could be sustained. For instance, it builds a good repute and image, prevents the high cost of operation, high productivity, and creating more revenue. This paper aims to reveal the Relative Importance Index among the GHRM practices i.e (Green Recruitment & Selection GRS, Green Training & Development GTD, Green Performance & Appraisal GPA, Green Pay & Reward GPR, Employee Green Relation EGR, and Green Health & Safety GHS) are employed in this study as a means of influencing employee retention. A 460 structured questionnaire was administered, their Relative Importance Index was calculated using SPSS 25 version and the results reveal that GRS is giving more Relative Importance Index to retain employees than others. Hence, this research hereby proposed GRS as the most effective GHRM policies to improve retention in the hotel sector.

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