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Health behavior and quality of life of patients with type 2 diabetes

Type 2-diabetes is a continual disease that influences patients widespread health and health in diverse ways. Modification of lifestyle is essential in stopping kind 2-diabetes which include its secondary complications. This observes assessed the profile, fitness behaviour and exceptional of the existence of sufferers imparting with type 2-diabetes and attending two teaching hospitals in Western Nigeria. A total of a hundred diabetic patients elderly between 40 and 85 years participated in this take a look at. Their physical interest levels had been determined by the use of the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ); exceptional of lifestyles (QOL) become assessed the use of the Diabetes Quality of Life (DQOL) Inventory questionnaire and alcohol and smoking status as well as nutrition patterns have been assessed the usage of the Alcohol, Smoking and Nutrition Questionnaire (ASNQ). Age, gender, body mass index, waist circumference, waist-hip-ratio and blood stress have been also reported. Data had been presented the use of descriptive information of suggest, wellknown deviation, percentages and are provided in figures and tables. Results confirmed that most of the participants had been overweight and/or overweight with 62% having a body mass index extra than 25 kg/m2 .

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