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Health Risk Assessment of Trace Metals Contamination in Vegetables (Telferia Occidentalis) Irrigated with Polluted Effluent Water from Mechanic Village, Uyo

This research investigates the health risk assessment of heavy metal contamination in vegetables (Telferiaoccidentalis) irrigated with polluted effluent water in the study area. The heavy metal analysis of Pb, Cd and Ni were carried out using the Atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAS).The mean concentration of heavy metals in Telferiaoccidentalis from site A and B ranged from 0.6-108.2 mg/kg with an increasing trend of Ni>Cd >Pb. These values are above the world Health Organization and National Environmental Standard and Regulations Enforcement Agency (WHO/NESREA). The population under study was found to be under low risk of Cd at stations B and control of B, Ni and Pb, because the health risk index is less than one (HRI<1), with exception of Cd at stations A and control of A. The Target Hazard Quotient(THQ) showed that all the heavy metals were lower than one (1), therefore poses no health risk concern.

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