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Hearing Loss in Children Attending Assiut University Hospital in Upper Egypt During 2014; It is a Problem that Deserves our Concern

The aim of the study was to assess the number of children diagnosed with hearing loss at Assiut university Hospital, which give an idea about the magnitude of the problem, and a step for establishing neonatal hearing screening program in Upper Egypt. The total number of diagnosed children with hearing loss was 1150 children in the year 2014. About 81 % of cases aged above 5 years. It is obvious that flow from urban area (87%) is higher than rural area, and most of cases were from Assiut governrate. The total number of children suffering from SNHL was 641 which represent 55.74% of all diagnosed subjects, of which 79% had symmetrical hearing loss. Most of SNHL (about 75%) cases had severe, profound, or severe to profound degrees of hearing loss. Regarding the etiology, 77% of cases had genetic etiology of hearing loss. Most of cases (41%) aged from 5-10 years which mean that detection of hearing loss is more later than expected, so we need to overcome this problem by implementation of screening program, that should be established for early detection, intervention and improving quality of life for children.

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