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Heavy-Duty Cable Tray System

This paper presents an opportunity and design concept that will lead to a significant enhancement to the cable tray design, procurement, and construction by utilizing the heavy-duty cable tray system. This paper covers the length of six (6) meters horizontal cable trays with heavy- duty joint connectors and heavy-duty expansion joint connectors. In addition, the system includes heavy-duty horizontal bend fittings, heavy- duty horizontal tee fittings, and heavy-duty horizontal cross fittings. Typically, cable tray design in all projects follows the typical examples mentioned in the National Electric Manufacturing Association (NEMA) standards. In Saudi Aramco’s Tanajib Gas Plant project, a full report for the cable tray and structural steel design, containing detailed design calculations, shop tests witnessed by 3rd party inspection agency, and simulations were conducted to prove the compliance of the heavy-duty cable tray system with all applicable standard requirements.

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