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Hindi Translational and Modification of Modified JOA for Cervical Myelopathy and its Validation for Indian Population

Cervical myelopathy is due to cervical spinal canal narrowing which creates cascade of events leading to spinal cord dysfunction. It refers to a disease affecting the spinal cord with constellation of symptoms, signs, and imaging findings demonstrating the cervical spinal cord compression. The exact incidence of CSM still remains unknown. These cultural adaptations and differences have been reported and scoring system modified to accurately assess the outcome measures. Hindi version was comparable to their findings with good response, reliable, convergent construct validity, and acceptability. The JOA had excellent translation with all individual components motor, sensor and sphincter disturbances correlated strongly at first and second visit and the English version which is already validated tool. In prospective study performed the translation with validation of the Hong Kong (Chinese) version of questionnaire of the JOA which was reliable, and valid. Except for two patients, all cohorts were treated conservatively and the JOA-H score showed good clinical correlation with nurick scale as in the above study. The ease of adaptation, acceptability and comprehensibility reflected that patients focused clearly of the cervical spine symptoms and accurately related them in the questionnaire. The limitation of our study was that it was a single center study with not wide spectrum of the disease severity.

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