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Hotel Restaurants’ Performance during Crisis Periods in Egypt

This study explores the perceptions of customers and Food and Beverage Managers (F&B) regarding the hotel restaurants’ performance during crisis periods. A total of fifteen semistructured interviews were conducted with F&B managers. A self-administered questionnaire was used to collect the primary data from fifteen five-star hotels in Greater Cairo in Egypt. A convenience sampling was used to collect the questionnaire. The findings indicated that there was not any standard action plan for F&B to follow during crises since 2011. The findings also indicated that the cost-saving plan was very effective and worked well during crises. This study also showed that customers were satisfied with the quality, quantity, and variety of food offered in those hotel restaurants during crises. However, customers were not satisfied with the variety of menu items and promotions during crisis periods. This research will provide a stepping stone for future academics who wish to expand knowledge of hotel operational procedures during crises in the Egyptian Hospitality industry. Recommendations are suggested based on the findings of this study

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