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How Fashion Designers Think: The Influence of Cultural Value in the Creative Design Process


Objective: The purpose of this research is to understand the relationship between fashion designers’ cultural value, Confucian thought, as these are both influences that can be integrated into the design process and practices. This study is aimed at filling a gap in the current literature by describing how successful fashion designers solve design problems, and how cultural values related to or reflected in creating apparel. Methods: A qualitative approach with semi-structured, in-depth and one-on-one, long interview is used to gain an understanding of the complex meanings held by the participants. Twelve South Korean fashion designers, each with a minimum of three-years experiences, were recruited using purposive and snowball sampling. Constant comparison process was used to analyze the data. Results: Results show that cultural values have an indirect influence on South Korean fashion designer’s design process in creating fashion objects. Cultural factors, including system, groups, individuals, and family, all deeply affect the designers’ creative design process. Conclusion: Overall, South Korean designers are not aware of the impact accrued from their personal cultural values and background. However, the Confucian perception of chemyon has an influence on consumers’ tastes, and such influence can lessen creativity in design, particularly for the creative thinking process of South Korean designers

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