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Identification and Evaluation of Downtime Variables in the Management of a Telecommunication Mast Site: A Case of Telecommunication Mast Sites in Port Harcourt

The identification and evaluation of down time variables in the management of telecommunication masts sites is a study aimed at evaluating the effects of down times on profit projections. The scope of the research is limited to MTN masts within Port Harcourt and 73 masts sites were sampled out of 812 MTN sites. The data used in this research are secondary data which were obtained from a recognized organization and these data were verified and organized to fit as input for the analysis intended. The methods adopted for this research were discriminant analysis, factor analysis, estimation factor analysis and cost benefit analysis. Results showed that the most occurred down time issue in the management of mast sites are the generator/power related issues and ranking them in order of importance, the power related issues are followed by the technical telecommunication issues and lastly access related issues. These down times identified were capable of causing down time to an average of 90 minutes daily which is 500% above the MTN/Ericsson SLA set minimum allowable (21.6 minutes). The cost benefit analysis from this research showed losses which could yield zero profit annually if the communication industry allows its down time to be greater than the mean calls from users of a base station especially when these calls happen during the down time duration. A control table to aid in the understanding of these down time effects was developed by varying the mean calls from a cell site, cost per minute rate and downtime duration. This distribution is aimed at aiding professionals in the telecommunication industry to see the future effect of down time on worst and best scenario of profit.

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