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Impact of Marketing Strategy on the Market Performance of Selected Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria

Evaluate the effect of product branding on market performance improvement. Marketing practitioners have long been concerned about improving market performance owing to the difficulties of adequately measuring the influence of marketing techniques on sales return. The research intended to evaluate the effect of pricing strategy on market performance and the degree of market demand and supply. The research population included 7,870 individuals, from which a sample size of 364 was calculated using Krejcie and Morgan's method at a 5% error tolerance and a 95% level of confidence. The study used a descriptive survey research approach. The primary instruments utilized to gather data were questionnaires and interviews. The Spearman rank correlation coefficient was used to test the hypotheses. The data reveal that pricing strategy has a considerable beneficial effect on market demand and supply levels, hence increasing the rate of sales growth. Product branding had a significant influence on consumer awareness, increasing market presence. According to the report, marketing strategies should include goods and services to address client demands. Additionally, the research recommends that branding help businesses get awareness; if a brand is consistent and straightforward to recognize, it can make individuals feel more secure while buying. Organizations should exercise caution when pricing their products since the amount they charge will influence how customers perceive their product and whether they will buy it.

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