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Impact of mechatronics on industrial biotechnology

This research was carried out to determine the impact of mechatronics in the health sector, since currently mechatronics has an impact in multiple areas of the industry, but lately especially in biotechnology. Its development was valued, from the perspective of different researchers, which has allowed its insertion in this sector. This development benefits both patients and physicians, as they have revolutionized the field of medical equipment and devices. Biotechnology has applications in important industrial areas such as: health care, the development of new approaches for the treatment of diseases; agriculture with the development of improved crops and food. Robotics and digital image and signal processing were also found to have a greater impact on medicine. Likewise, an analysis of the mechatronics applied to this science was made, which showed that the surgical and therapeutic areas are the most favored and are nourished by innovative techniques, which are more reliable and less invasive for the patient

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