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Imparting Flame-Retardant and Antistatic Properties to Two- Layer Knitted Fabrics

A technology of multi-functional two-layer knitted fabrics with barrier properties was developed on the basis of design works within the scope of both material-structural and technical-technological parameters. The barrier properties of knitted fabrics were imparted to them by using the following yarns to make their top layers:
• Yarns of 100% metaaramide fibers and blended (metaaramide + viscose FR) fibers imparting protective properties against hot thermal conditions,
• Yarns of blended metaaramide and antistatic fibers imparting to the knitted fabrics protective properties against hot thermal factors and static electricity, while for the bottom layers the following were used: Blended cotton and wool yarns with the addition of viscose FR fibers or modacryl Protex fibers, imparting to the knitted fabrics protective properties against hot thermal conditions and beneficial physiological properties.
The comprehensive tests carried out to determine structural, physico-mechanical, chemical and functional barrier properties as well as physiological comfort of the knitted fabrics allowed us:
• To design fabric structures in two-layer and plating system,
• To choose optimal knitted fabrics for the technology development of multi-functional protective fabrics on the basis of knitting and finishing processes,
• To work out design and structural assumptions and to make protective fabrics on the basis of the analysis and properties of the fabrics.
The knitted fabrics designed can find their use as individual protective measures for workers exposed to work conditions such as: hot thermal conditions and static electricity.

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