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Implementation of an Energy Management in DSPACE for a Fuel Cell -Ultracapacitor Vehicle

This article presents an energy management of an electric hybrid vehicle using a fuel cell (FC) as the primary energy source and an ultracapacitor (UC) as the auxiliary source. Both energy sources are characterized by a low voltage which is generally not sufficient to be exploited on electrical vehicle. Consequently, using a power converter is required to interface the energy source to the DC bus. For the energy management strategy, it is used to determine the converter current of each source so as to share accurately the power between the two electrical sources, according to the requested power (Traction or braking) and the state of charge of supercapacitor. The proposed method has the capability to minimize the hydrogen consumption and increase the fuel cell time. The suggested algorithm is applied to for the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) and. implemented in dspace controller. Simulation and experimental results prove the significant reduction of the hydrogen.

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