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Improved Diagnosis of Liver Medical Conditions by Use Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound

The aim of this systemic review was to provide a complete overview of existing publication on the rule of CEUS in assessment of liverdisease and evaluating post-interventional success in liver Contrast- Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) or Contrast-Enhanced Computed Tomography (CECT) and general solution of the evaluation of post-liver transplant vasculature.
An analysis of 11 sources include use video podcast evaluating the diagnostic performance and comparing studies and textbooks.
CEUS with color- coded perfusion imaging is a valuable supporting tool for post-interventional success control following TACE of liverlesions. The diagnostic performance of CEUS was superior to CECT for detecting residual tumour after TACE. In clinical, CEUS should be recommended as an optional procedure for assessing the tumour response to TACE.
The study demonstrated that the enhancement pattern of HCC on CEUS was consistent with that on CECT, although CEUS has the advantages of easy performance, real-time scanning, and availability, but it lacks panoramic exploration and capability in studying multiple hyper vascular.
CEUS is particularly helpful in evaluating complications of smaller vessels such, as the HA, and can be useful in evaluating portal andhepatic venous complications as demonstrated. Ultrasound is the first-line imaging technique after liver transplant because it is portable, non-invasive and cost effective
The liver disease is continue to increase although ultrasound scanning of liver with Doppler capability is noninvasive but it has some limitation in case of slow flow especially small vessel after liver transplant. the use of contrast enhance ultrasound CEUS can solve this problem and the literature review in this report defining
the overall problem and offer some solution. However, further research is needed to more clearly categorize the difficulties of use CEUS and effective training program for sonographer for use this facility in future. And conclude that CEUS is very significance in assessing the liver and needed for today and tomorrow examination.

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