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Improving the Innovation and Training Capacity of the Textile Companies

The Erasmus Plus project "Matrix of knowledge for innovation and competitiveness in textile enterprises", TEX Matrix, aims at spreading creative and innovative organizational culture inside textile enterprises, by transferring and implementing methodologies, tools and concepts for improved training. Within this paper, an overview of the contents, goals and objectives of this project is given. The project has achieved at this stage two important intellectual outputs: the design of Knowledge Matrix of Innovation (KMI) and the benchmarking study. The KMI developed in the framework of the project, aims to create a comprehensive image of the intangible assets of an enterprise, such as: innovation strategy and culture, informational resources, training methodology, relationships portfolio, IP rights. The benchmarking study comprehended the following goals: elaboration of a database with textile enterprises, adaptation of the benchmarking matrix, and organization of the process for benchmarking. The benchmarking report is analyzed through SWOT and gap analysis and solutions will be provided by the project's partners for improving the innovation and training capacity of the enterprises. The project partners support the enterprises by means of their latest research results and training methods. They are able to identify gaps in the innovation capacity of enterprises based on the benchmarking study and to enrich it with new solutions. The impact of the work results is expected to increase the quality of training, by combining innovative contents with attractive methods. 

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