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In vitro Inhibition of Zika Virus by Metadichol®, A Novel Nano Emulsion Lipid

Objective: To show the antiviral activity of Metadichol® against Zika virus by an in-vitro assay.
Methods: The primary Anti-Zika virus assay was performed using real-time RT-qPCR (TaqMan) to measure extracellular Zika virus RNA copy number associated with virions released from vero cells. The ‘vero’ cell line (kidney epithelial cells extracted from an African green monkey) treated with antiviral test articles is infected with Zika virus followed by Zika virus associated RNA measurement in the cell culture supernatant. Antiviral compounds blocking any step of viral replication such as transcription, translation, encapsidation, the particle assembly and release were identified and characterized using this sensitive assay system.
Findings: Metadichol® [1,2] in vitro assays, inhibited the Zika Virus with a EC50 of 1.48 µg/ml.
Conclusion: Metadichol is a safe and effective inhibitor for enveloped viruses in humans. Since it is known to bind to the vitamin D receptor (VDR), its action mechanism likely involves the competitive displacement of virus particles from VDR’s on host cell membranes. Metabolism studies of long chain alcohol in fibroblasts suggest that very long chain fatty alcohols, fatty aldehydes, and fatty acids are reversibly interconverted in a fatty alcohol cycle [3]. Metadichol consists of natural components of common foods (classified as GRAS), Metadichol has no known negative side effects. The inhibition of Zika virus by Metadichol is not surprising, given that we have recently published the results of Metadichol which showed broad-spectrum antiviral activity against Dengue, Ebola, H1N1, SARS, Chikungunya and other enveloped viruses [4].

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