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In vitro Study of Anti-Leukemic Potential of Ursolic Acid in Jurkat Cell Line

This study aims to assess the possible antitumor effects of the Ursolic Acid through cell death studies. Hence, Jurkat cell lines related to leukemia were subjected to treatment with different concentrations of the Ursolic Acid in order to identify their likely mechanism of death. After completion of cell viability tests, we suggest that this acid used in this study have antiproliferative/ cytotoxic activity in a dose-dependent manner. The results obtained indicate that the Ursolic Acid assessed in this study have cytotoxic activity with IC50% value of 10 μM. In addition, we observed that the IC50% value tested on the same cell line revealed a significant percentage of stagnant cells in cell cycle sub-G1 phase, a finding that allows us to infer the cytotoxic ability of the acid assessed.

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