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Inhibiting Factors of Early Women Marriage: An Empirical Study in South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Despite early marriage in developing countries, mainly in Indonesia has been extensively studied, but study about factors that contribute to inhibit or prevent the women to marry at the early age has been lacking up till now. Therefore, this study purpose is to fill this research gap by providing empirical evident to identify and determine factors that have an important role to inhibit or prevent women to get married at early age This study was conducted in Soppeng and Selayar Regencies in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. From each of these regencies, 100 women who got into their first marriage at a young age as well as their parents were chosen randomly as respondent. Data was collected through questionnaires survey. The collected data was analyzed using binary logistic regression. The results show that women’s education, economic independence, risk tolerance, parent’s economic stability, parent’s education, and government programs were most important factors to inhibit or women get married at early age. Policy makers may consider these finding to implement policies that can reduce early women marriages practices and the impact or negative consequence thereof.

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