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Inorganic Effect Pigment-Binder System following Sol-Gel Process –Application for Optical Textile Functionalization

100% cotton plain-weaved woven fabric has been treated with inorganic effect pigment-binder system in water following solgel process. Thickener has been added to maintain the viscosity of the sol. Dispersing agent has been included where necessary to even distribution of sol on textile. Complete process was done ensuring inorganic chemicals such as pigment, binder, thickener and dispersing agent. After drying, the reflection and transmission characteristics were measured using spectrophotometry. It gives the quantitative measurements (wavelength 220 nm to 1400 nm) of the reflection and transmission properties of the coating as a function of wavelength. These values are then used to discuss the developed optical protection (against IR, visual and UV light) of coated cotton textile by inorganic effect pigment and binder system.

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