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Insulin Therapy Decision Support System: A Study of its Evolutionary Path

Scientists are trying to create clinical decision support systems (CDSSs) to keep blood glucose level of diabetics in the permitted range, which is performed through precisely estimated dosage of insulin. This study aims at examining the evolution of CDSSs. In this review, scientific databases using a combination of sensitive keywords were searched out in articles published in accredited journals. The purpose was to find software associated with insulin therapy, with any technology used in them. The findings indicated that insulin therapy can be performed through new technologies related to CDSSs with two different approaches, open and closed,each consisting of two different functions. Furthermore, the effectiveness of CDSSs in glycemic control and development of related technologies were remarkable. It is anticipated that in the near future, CDSSs based on closed approach will be created, can act as an expert system in the form of a very small pump attached to the patient’s body. Pump performance is not only affected by the improvements of CDSS, but also related to the daily growth of Nanoelectronics.

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