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Journal of Health Informatics & Management is a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed, open access, scholarly journal that publishes scientific manuscripts related to the application of health information technology in promoting the delivery of high quality health care services. The journal aims to create awareness regarding the use of Informatics, Technology and Electronic strategies in Clinical documentation, treatment, and patient engagement resulting in positive health outcomes.

Journal of Health Informatics & Management aims towards worldwide dissemination of original scientific manuscripts on the various aspects of medical informatics, clinical and nursing informatics. The study of health informatics demands an integrative approach of information technology, computer sciences, behavioural science and management studies. The information stored and propagated through health informatics will help in the practice of primary care, preventive medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, alternative medicine and furtherance of biomedical research methods using innovative technologies.

Journal of Health Informatics & Management blazons manuscripts related to recent innovations in the field of medicine, clinical practice and technological advances to increase capacity for inter-organizational data sharing and mining. The journal provides an excellent platform for practitioners and administrators to exchange of information relating to advancing our understanding of technology and electronic approaches in medical research and documenting health outcomes.

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