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Intelligence Management of Electrical Systems in Industries

The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of intelligent management of electrical systems in industries using the commonly used SCADA system. The paper is divided into four parts: Introduction, background, literature review, and conclusion. The introduction details because industries are opting for smart electric grid (energy management systems) systems in their intelligence management of electric power. Background of the topic highlights how industry has played a major role in influencing the development of Energy Management Systems (EMS). The literature review is divided into three parts. The first section discusses the components of a typical EMS system which include the measurement communication and analysis subsystems. The second part is an analysis of the SCADA system, including its feature such as sensors, conversion units, and communication networks. The last part is a discussion of how SCADA can be used to control and monitor electrical grids in plants (either through substation control or feeder control). The conclusion is a general summary of the entire paper.

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