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Intradiscal Therapy and Nucleus Augmentation as a Surgical Technique for the Treatment of Common and Chronic Low Back Pain

The patho-genesis of common persistent and chronic low back pain is a difficult condition to treat, because its pathogenesis is multifactorial and may be only partially understood. Non-operative therapeutic methods are the first treatment of choice, with multiple stakeholders offering a myriad of non-surgical treatment options. It includes the use of prescription and nonprescription pain medication, physical therapy, pain management, or multiple nonsurgical methods to treat pain, such as acupuncture or natural pathic methods. These options provided by non-surgeons usually offer ony temporary benefits. For the patients who benefit, and continue to utilize these treatments regularly, they also adopt better life styles, such as weight loss, healthier eating and exercise, which help, but many continue to seek additional treatment options after a reasonable period when symptoms persist or their activities of daily living becomes significantly restricted. Most appropriately reserve surgical options as the last option. A novel minimally invasive surgical option is considered here.

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