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Intrapartum Hyponatremic Convulsion Mimicking Eclampsia

Intrapartum Hyponatremic Convulsion Mimicking Eclampsia

Seizure resulting from water intoxication in pregnancy, labour and puerperium is rare. When it occurs, it is usually due to iatrogenic oxytocin infusion or in psychiatric disorder. This case report describes intra-partum seizure due to ingestion of seven litres of bottled water during labour. In the absence of other causes of convulsion in pregnancy, like eclampsia, epilepsy, social drug ingestion, severe hypoglycaemia, intracranial lesion like a brain tumour, meningitis or encephalitis, the most likely explanation is hyponatremia of 118 mmol/l which is defined as serum sodium concentration below 136 mmol/l.

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