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Introducing a Novel Fashion Design System Based on Hybrid IICA-ANN

Purpose- The aim of the present study is to propose a novel cloth design system based on hybrid of imperialist competitive algorithmic and artificial neural network (IICA-ANN).

Design/methodology/approach- In this study, a cloth design system based on imperialist competitive algorithmic is proposed. User fatigue is one of the most important problems in interactive systems. Therefore, the artificial neural network is used in this study to mitigate the problem. Women’s T-shirt is used as a 3D database to show the performance of IICA-ANN.

Findings- The statistical results show the efficiency of the system. In addition, the proposed system was compared with a system based on hybrid interactive genetic algorithm and artificial neural network. It proved that proposed system to be satisfactory.

Originality/value- Due to the very rapid developments in the fashion design industry and the different styles and tastes of consumers, manufacturers pay more attention to customer-oriented approaches and try to meet the needs of consumers so that they can offer their products in this industry and increase their profit as well as capabilities. This has led to the emergence of interactive fashion design systems.

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