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Invention of Hydroelectric Cell: A Green Energy Groundbreaking Revolution

Energy generation in most of the cases is associated with increased environmental pollution problems. Hence there has been a quest to innovate new alternatives of green energy sources/devices. In present scenario crude oil is most popular source of energy to run transport system for masses inspite of its inherent problem of environmental pollution on earth. Due to this widely prevalent severe environmental pollution is affecting human health very badly. It has necessitated to develop & adopt new energy alternatives to save environment. In present situation worldwide use of Electric vehicle, EV, in place of gasoline engines is being considered as promising future for mass transport because of depleting source of crude oil all over the world. However, EV technology is going to produce huge hazardous chemical and electronic waste by using Lithium-ion batteries etc. Therefore advent of such new technological solution for mass transport system shall bring another disastrous situation. Therefore a crucial time has come to invent new environment compatible green energy solutions. In this direction a revolutionary invention of Hydroelectric Cell is a promising green energy device with lot of advantages for mankind. Dr. Kotnala & Dr. Shah have created a groundbreaking invention of Hydroelectric Cell in the clean energy field. Hydroelectric Cell has got potential to replace Solar Cell & Fuel Cell. Unlike solar cell it works 24 h by simply sprinkling few drops of water on it. At room temperature Hydroelectric Cell dissociates water molecules to produce electricity without giving any external energy, light, acid/alkali to it. In fact no chemical except water is used for its working. Moreover no toxic, greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide etc. & hazardous chemicals are produced during Hydroelectric Cell functioning, thus it is environment friendly green energy source. Interestingly they have invented a new principle of water dissociation & a new device to generate electricity! Invention of cell is a wonderful combination of oxygen deficient ferrite characteristics, nanophysics and electrode chemistry based on underlying simple Physics principles. Hydroelectric cell invention has initiated a paradigm shift in green energy research and opened a new field of research globally. It supports carbon sequestration mechanism to mitigate environmental pollution also. Hydroelectric cell invention is a boon for masses & certainly it is an onset of a green energy revolution! Its news has been covered widely at national & international level.

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