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Investigating Thermophysiological Comfort Properties of Fabrics Used in Athlete Clothes

The main goal of this work was to study the influence of sportswear fabric properties on the thermophysiological comfort of athletes. Seven different yarn type fabric were produced with two different knitting structure as single jersey and mesh knitting. The weights of fabrics were tried to closer to each other as much as possible to see the effect of yarn type on air permeability, thermal resistance, water vapour resistance and moisture management properties of fabrics. It will be planned to use the mesh in combination with single jersey knitted fabrics in the future studies for production of athlete clothes. The highest air permeability, OMMC value was seen in TS TencelTM yarn knitted fabric and the lower water vapor resistance was seen in PM textured polyester mesh knitted fabric. Which means thermophysiological comfort properties of these fabrics are higher than the others and feels comfortable by the athletes according to objective test results. For this reason, TS TencelTM single jersey and PM coded Polyester mesh knitted fabric or their combinations can be preferred production of athlete clothes.  

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