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Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Pineapple-Viscose Blended Fabric Reinforced Composite

As sustainable, ecofriendly, and environment-friendly world is coming to the near future, composites of regenerated fiber reinforced with natural fibers have gained increasing attention. In this research, Pineapple leaf fiber has been selected to make composite as it is being treated as wastage nowadays also. And viscose was selected to make a variation in the research field as no one has ever tried pineapple & viscose blended composite. Regenerated cellulosic fiber reinforced with natural fiber is using hugely as lack of natural fiber producing in Earth, giving almost same experience by using partial or less natural fiber. This article presents a research work carried out on Pineapple leaf fiber blended with Viscose composite reinforced With Epoxy resin. Pineapple viscose blended Composite is composed in a structure of 1 up 1 down plain wave design and epoxy resin are applied on them to make stability by the compression molding process. The tested result of the tensile strength (σ), young’s modulus, and Eb% is respectively 20.7Mpa, 579Mpa, and 9.4%. Some testing is also carried on it to differentiate the properties like bending strength 23.5Mpa, bending modulus 717.6Mpa, and avg. the pH of the composite is 9.54. In this article, there have different analytical parts to acknowledge the real condition of composite behaviors. Finally, some recommendation is also given where it can be used and where it will be suitable to apply. To develop the mechanical properties of this composite this research will continue in the future.

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