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Investigation on Non-Oil Export Developing Obstacles Case Study (Exporter of Mazandaran Province)

Permanent export development is one of the most important national purposes ensue to economical field. The main concentration of future development of country depends on growing export, especially in some products that country has competitive advantage on them. Mazandaran province is being in strategic sphere base on both political and economic point and has its important role for permanent developing trend for country. With calculating RCA index is appeared that this province has obvious comparative advantage in both agriculture and industry. Products in agriculture and small industries not only can provide needs of this province people, but also can help people of the country, meanwhile can helps to fortify export fundamental. Exporting of these kinds of products have fluctuated since recent decades and did not follow fixed trend. This research has done base on identifying obstacles of non-oil export products in province with descriptive method. Statistical sample is 30 superior exporters of Mazandaran. Questionnaire has evaluated by Likert speculum and one sample T-test has used to recognize questionnaire. Results of this research show that we encounter to challenge against of exporting non-oil products. This challenge has identified 17 subheadings that we test three of them here.

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