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Knockdown of CD151 Gene Expression Reduces Survival of Estrogen Receptor Positive Breast Cancer Cells

Tetraspnin CD151 is involved in proliferation, motility, and invasion. Yet, the role of CD151 in estrogen receptor positive breast cancer is not reported. In the present study, the role of CD151 in survival of ER positive cell line and the underlying molecular partners was reported. CD151 shRNA expression vector was transfected into MCF-7 cells and its efficacy was evaluated by RT-PCR. The capacity of proliferation, migration, and invasion, cell adhesion, angiogenesis of MCF-7 cells was diminished by the knockdown of CD151 via CD151 specific shRNA. It arrested the cell cycle at G2/M phase and induced the apoptosis. The expressions of c-myc, α3β1 integrin, IL-8, Ras, FAK and VEGF were reduced by knockdown of CD151. The results conclude that CD151 gene silencing affects the expression of its network partner’s associate with survival of MCF-7 cells. Therefore, CD151 may be a potential target of luminal and basal subtypes.

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