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Knowledge, Attitudes, and Risky behaviors on Human Immunodeficiency Virus /Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS) among the Centennials

Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS) is considered to be one of the most serious global health problems and it becomes the worldwide epidemic over the last three decades. There is still a constant increase in numbers and rapid spread of HIV/ AIDS in the Philippines due to lack of sufficient information and poor adherence to universal precautions on sexual practices. Centennials are the most vulnerable population to acquiring HIV/AIDS as they are more engaged to sexual activities. The study utilized the descriptive-comparative and correlational designs among the 384 centennials (i.e., ages 18 to 23 years old) in Davao City for the year 2019. The level of knowledge on mode of transmission, and prevention, diagnosis and treatment were both rated moderate. Most of the respondents had neutral attitudes toward people living with HIV/AIDS. The risky behaviors on HIV/AIDS prevention were as follows: sometimes use condoms during sex; most of the respondents did not like using condoms; mostly did not use condom during the last sexual contact; and, never tested for HIV. A moderate knowledge level on HIV/AIDS in terms of mode of transmission as well as prevention, diagnosis, and treatment was observed among the young adulthood centennials because of their larger interest in seeking sexual health information or higher exposure to sexual health education as compared to adolescent centennials. The web internet could help the centennials to give them informative topics on HIV/AIDS but should be utilized this communication means prudently. However, in some points that not all the times published in the web internet are legit which these may lead to confusion and misinformation among the centennials.

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