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Let us talk about AIDS: Sexual Health Communication among Kenyan Women about HIV/AIDS Risk Prevention

Objective: The current trends continue to show a disproportionate increase of HIV infections among women mostly in sub-Sahara Africa. This study focuses on multi-dimensional factors such as social elements, cultural beliefs, cognitive and psychosocial norms, and self-efficacy that influence sexual health communication among Kenyan women in preventing HIV/AIDS.
Methods: This exploratory study uses cross-sectional KDHS dataset (2008/2009). It utilizes chi-square significance test to propose for a parsimonious and fit model to determine the odds of respondents’ sexual health communication behavior using multistage hierarchical logistic regression.
Results: Self-efficacy and HIV testing was significant predictor of sexual health communication implying that women who have autonomy and who are likely to make individual decision in HIV testing are also more likely to communicate with their husband or sexual partner about ways to prevent getting the HIV/AIDS virus. Education and regional factors are also predictors of sexual health communication among women of Kenya.
Conclusion: Sexual health communication is key in sustaining and supporting prevention efforts of HIV/AIDS in Kenya where cultural beliefs and preset cognitive and psychosocial norms overpower self-efficacy in women’s decision making for sexual health.

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