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Lingerie –Secret Styles Amalgamated With Pink City

Lingerie is founded on the idea that lingerie is fashion too, and that it deserves just as much attention, discussion, and critique as the mainstream fashion and beauty industries. More than foundation garments, lingerie is a way to express your personal identity and sense of self. And while it has a reputation for pandering to male fantasy, lingerie has also been used to push more liberated ideas of how women can proudly show their bodies and express their sexuality.

Lingerie is also founded on the idea that lingerie is for everybody - no matter their size, race, sexuality, age, ability, or gender. Lingerie refers to the undergarments that a woman wears. Lingerie isn’t only meant for pampering the body, but is also used to evoke sensuousness in a woman. It symbolizes grace and feminity, and since it directly touches the skin by enveloping the body, it holds importance in a woman’s life.

A woman should always ensure that the lingerie that she is buying is high on comfort factor. The idea of lingerie, intimate apparel can be complicated and bewildering world.

The beautiful lingerie wear look when the architectural concepts are put together! it will spice up the regular lingerie to a conceptual one. Jaipur is a true feast for the senses. As the colors, aromas, and artisanal work here are tradional people. It’s dusty and unruly, but there is beauty in the chaos. It is all so overwhelming a group of ladies looking pristine and resplendent in pink, green, and gold saris. The intensity of the colors is flawless. The amalgamation of Lingerie and Jaipur inspired prints, colours and textures are the twist to my unique collection. The intensity of intricate prints and the inspirations from the architectural monuments truly is a spice to any lingerie depicted in my collection. The feminity and eye soothing colours amalgamated with prints will do wonders to my collection of Rustic Mastani and The Neela Darbar.

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