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Lip lift in rhinoplasty, Indications and methods

Rhinoplasty is the art and science of beautification of the nose, but to achieve better results, it is required to see the face as a whole and the nose as the keystone at its centre to be in harmony with other facial structures in size and shape. The most obvious and imminent example of such after rhinoplasty, is the length of philtrum that has to follow the aesthetic facial ratios but can be seen long or become actually longer due to uplifting the nose tip or making the nose smaller, not to forget that in some people, it is already longer than desired. In all these scenarios, before planning the surgery, it is required to completely analyse the face and facial ratios. Also, the bony structure of maxilla and teeth must be examined. In almost all of the cases other than excessively vertically long premaxilla and teeth, lip lift can be performed simultaneously with rhinoplasty. The usual methods are: 1. central lip lift in mild cases 2. central lip lift combined with modified alar wedge resection, in cases that increasing the vertical dimension of nose is desired 3. Modified complete lip lift in excessive cases of long philtrum 4. Rhinoplasty/lip lift after shortening the height of teeth by dentist 5. Rhinoplasty/lip lift after maxillofacial intervention of shortening the premaxillary area

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