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Long-Term Mental and Physical Quality of Life after Radical and Conservative Surgeries and in Relation to Childbirth in Patients with Severe Endometriosis

Aim: This study aimed to investigate which surgery (conservative, radical) is the most effective in improving quality of life and if childbirth after conservative one affects outcomes.

Method: 79 women who underwent radical or conservative surgery for severe endometriosis were assessed by means of a semistructured interview and completed the SF-36.

Results: Our findings showed that in the whole model of Hierarchical multiple linear regression analyses, surgery group explained significantly 10.7% of variance for bodily pain, 7.2% for general health, and 7.9% for vitality, independently of age and months spent since surgery. Groups of childbirth differed significantly for vitality (p .018, Cohen’s d .939) and role emotional (p .034, Cohen’s d .786).

Discussion: Findings suggested that women with endometriosis who underwent radical surgery showed better quality of life in long term, independently of age and time spent since treatment. Moreover, women who gave birth to a child had a better mental quality of life, especially concerning vitality and role limitations due to emotional problems.

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