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Ludwig’s Angina: An Absolute Compulsion of Hospital Tarry

Background:Ludwig ’ s Angina is a relentless, promptly intensifying, life threatening deadly cellulitis of submandibular space causing impediment of patient aerodigestive passage as a consequence of developing odynophagia, trismus and respiratory distress. Dental carries and infection, diabetes mellitus, poor oral hygiene and immune suppression are the main ingenious factor for it. Poor slum dwellers and villagers whose are unlettered, less learning about oral hygiene and inadequate support for hygienic living are pragmatic confession for Ludwig’s Angina in the perspective view of the developing countries. Methods:It is a cohort retrospective study of 193 cases of Ludwig’s Angina in the department of Otolaryngology and Head-Neck surgery, Comilla Medical College, Bangladesh. Result: Incidence of Ludwig’s Angina out of total inpatient were 0.63% and out of total emergency patient were 4.80%. Of them male were 81.34% and female were 18.66%, 89.65% were above 41 years, 86.52% cleaned their tooth by charcoal, 93.78% had dental carries and 87.56% were diabetic. Anyhow 55.44% were slum dwellers, 40.41% were villagers whereas 77.20 % were smoker and 59.06% were betel leaf and nut chewer. Hospital tarried30.05% were up to 4 weeks, 40.95% were up to 6 weeksand 29% were above 6 weeks. 4(2.07%) were died from 193. Conclusion: Definitely Ludwig ’ s Angina is a devastating disease but not incurable. Dental hygiene should be maintain appropriately through learning process and awareness learning program should raise in the slum dwellers and villagers lowering the immensity of the disease

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