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Lumbar Dynamic Minimally Invasive Stabilization with Dynesys System Through Wiltse Far-Lateral Approach: A Surgical Alternative to the Open Surgery in Case of Failure of Interspinous Posterior Device

The dynamic stabilization, actually defined as dynamic neutralization of instability, represents a valid surgical choice in that condition defined as unstable dysfunction phase of the degenerative cascade of lumbar spine (or so called “microinstability”), provided that there is not a spondylolisthesis in the spinal segment involved. The pedicle dynamic stabilizations system DYNESYS is the one who respects the most the biomechanical characteristics of the spine. We describe our experience in a patient in which we used the DYNESYS system through a minimally invasive far lateral lumbar approach (Wiltse approach), as a rescue technique of the segmental motility after the failure of an interspinous posterior device, as an alternative to the classical open approach.

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