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Malignant Appendeceal Carcinoid Tumour with Intestinal Obstruction and Caecal Perforation: A Case Report in Northern Ghana

Carcinoid tumours are the most common neoplasms of the appendix. These tumours are generally asymptomatic; however, symptomatic patients may clinically mimic acute appendicitis and or intestinal obstruction. There are a few publications in Ghana which mention carcinoid tumours. However, these publications do not give much attention to the clinico-pathological features of this tumour as an entity, or highlight the possible complications of the disease. Presented in this case report is a 43-year-old man who was seen with signs and symptoms of acute intestinal obstruction at the Medical/Surgical Emergency Department of the Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH). He had an emergency exploratory laparotomy and right hemicolectomy. Subsequent histopathological examination of the specimen revealed a metastatic carcinoid tumour to the intestines with caecal obstruction and perforation. The origin of the carcinoid tumour was the appendix. Clinicians should exhibit a high index of suspicion concerning right-sided large bowel obstruction and thoroughly investigate the cause of the obstruction and attempt to exclude neoplasm of the appendix, which though rare, can be the cause of the obstruction as demonstrated in this case. The final diagnosis is made after an extensive histopathological examination.

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