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Manufacturing and enhanced performance of metallic lattice structures by additive manufacturing

Lattice structures (Periodic cellular materials) are a type of architectures constructed by an array of spatial periodic unit cells with edges and faces. Although lattice structures exhibit a range of superior properties, such as low elastic modulus, high specific stiffness and strength, large surface area, a large number of internal pores, and relatively low-stress level, the manufacturing by traditional technologies and the optimization of properties of lattice structured are limited because of poor control over the morphological characteristics of the pore network.  The recent advances in metal additive manufacturing (AM) technologies have enlarged the design and manufacturing possibilities for lattice structures, which provides lattice structures with promising solutions for a variety of applications. This work presents the recent progress of additive manufacturing and enhanced mechanical and catalytic performance of lattice structures. The selective laser melting (SLM) produced and electron beam melting (EBM)-produced beta-type biomedical titanium lattice structures, as potential load-bearing implants, demonstrate excellent mechanical properties in terms of high super-elasticity, low Young’s modulus and high compression strength, high energy absorption and fatigue properties. In addition, SLM-produced porous Fe-based metallic glass composite has a superior overall catalytic ability with high reaction rate constant and low activation energy than other catalysts. The reported reusability and overall catalytic ability in SLM-produced porous Fe-based metallic glass matrix composite hold the promise to design new generation catalyst approaching practical application and high economic value.

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