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Market report of Women’s Health Congress | Women’s Health and Nutrition 2020 | March 16-17, 2020 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

The world population is estimated to be approximately 7.7 billion out of which women accounted for 49.6% of the total world population. Women health has been a neglected issue throughout the world. As we are aware that a woman’s body go through several biological, physical and psychological changes throughout their lifetime. As a result of lack of nutrients and medical treatment they face several health related issues. In 2003, the African Union adopted a landmark treaty known as Protocol to the African Charter on Human and People’s Right on the Rights of Women in Africa. The protocol gives protection to the women’s human rights and affirms reproductive choice. IN 2004, the World Health Assembly adopted its first strategy on reproductive health to help countries that are facing reproductive and sexual health problems. Their main agenda was to help people having reproductive and sexual health, delivery and new born care, providing services for family planning, infertility services, eliminating unsafe abortion, eradicating sexually transmitted diseases, gynaecological issues and diseases. Netherlands has contributed to achieve sustainable development goals towards gender equality and women empowerment through its International policy on women’s right and gender equality. Netherlands has also contributed towards the elimination of malnutrition, supported small scale farmers (both male and female) by incrementing their salary and productivity

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