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Maternal Variables Related to High Risk Prenatal

Objective: To analyze maternal variables linked to high-risk prenatal care for hypertension and diabetes. This is a Casecontrol study with 180 pregnant women, seeking care in a high risk prenatal clinic, in the municipality of Três Lagoas, Brazil. Eightytwo pregnant women (cases) with high-risk pregnancies marked by hypertension and/or diabetes and 98 pregnant women without said chronic diseases (controls) participated in the study. The data was collected by a questionnaire. For statistic, parametric analyses were performed, with a significance level of 5%.
Results: Among the variables that characterize the high-risk pregnancies are obesity (p 0.001) and complications in pregnancy (p 0.002-Odds ratio 95% CI 3.16/1.56-6.39). The gestational risk was associated with biological factors and cesarean section. Application: health education during prenatal care is essential for the stimulation to change unhealthy habits and a multidisciplinary performance is essential to fight against maternal mortality.

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