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Metal-organic framework/CNT based self-standing electrodes for asymmetric supercapacitor

Statement of the Problem: Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) have been used as electrode materials in energy storage devices due to the high specific surface area and various functionality [1]. Even though MOFs can offer high surface area, they usually exhibit low conductivity. The composite structures of MOFs with graphene and CNTs have been developed to improve the electrochemical storage capacity in batteries and supercapacitors [2,3]. In this work, the sandwich-like Mn-MOF/CNT and Co-MOF/CNT composite electrodes have been developed for asymmetric supercapacitor. Polyaniline coated CNT (PANI@CNT) and carboxylated CNT (c-CNT) were used for the fabrication of free-standing sandwich-like MOF/CNT composite paper. To achieve optimum porosity, the carbonization of the MOF/CNT composite materials was performed. The effect of carbonization process on energy storage performances of two different MOF/CNT based electrode materials were evaluated.

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