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Metastasis of Breast Cancer

Isolated midbrain metastasis from breast cancer is a rare occurrence. We present a classical clinic image of women who presented with breast cancer with synchronous isolated midbrain metastasis. The brain is one of the common sites of metastases from breast cancer next only to the bone, liver and lung. Solitary brain metastases are now common with the increasing use of surveillance imagining. But isolated midbrain metastases are still a rare occurrence. A 50 year old perimenopausal lady presented to the neurologist with dropping of the right eyelid and diplopia. She was evaluated neurologically and found to have isolated third cranial or the Occulomotor nerve palsy on the right. A CECT i.e. Contrast enhanced Computerised Tomography was done on the brain reported a single space occupying lesion in the midbrain. When probed further, she revealed a right-sided breast lump

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