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Methodology of the My Body is Fit and Fabulous at Home (MyBFF@home): An Intervention Study to Combat Obesity Among Housewives in Malaysia

Introduction: The National Health and Morbidity Survey Malaysia (NHMS 2011) finding showed that female adults (including housewives) are one of the high risk groups that require specific obesity intervention. This paper describes the development and methodology of the My Body is Fit and Fabulous at home (MyBFF@ home), an intervention study to combat obesity among housewives.
Methods: The MyBFF@home was conducted in 2 phases and involved mixed quantitative and qualitative methods. Phase I (development of the intervention package) included scoping review, construction and development of initial package, in-depth interviews and, consultations with experts and stakeholders. Phase II (intervention) was a quasi-experimental study which involved pre-post intervention (6 months of weight loss intervention and 6 months of weight sustainability) among 18-59 year old housewives in Klang Valley, Malaysia.
Results: Four components were identified for the Intervention Group: individual diet and physical activity (PA) counselling, selfmonitoring tools (food diary and PA diary), group exercise (brisk walking and pillow dumbbell) and a reduced calorie diet. Weight loss was targeted at 5% from the initial weight, and implemented for 6 months of intervention, and another 6 months of weight sustainability. Monitoring of anthropometric, cardiometabolic parameters, body composition, dietary intake, PA, body pain, quality of life, symptoms related to weight loss and health literacy were included. The Control Group was involved in series of women’s seminar and the self-monitoring tools. A total of 328 housewives were recruited from 14 low cost flats.
Conclusion: MyBFF@home weight loss intervention for housewives was developed in a systematic manner. The methodology utilised local and international guidelines on the obesity management and it provides evidence on the community-based weight loss intervention among adult females in Malaysia. The package can be modified and adapted to the current weight loss programme to combat obesity among the Malaysian population.

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