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Minimal Invasive channel surgery and their Types

Gastrointestinal surgery could be a treatment for diseases of the components of the body associated with the organic process abdomen. The channel includes the gullet, stomach, bowel, gut, and rectum. It conjointly includes the liver, bladder, and duct gland, any repair to those components are often treated with the advanced technique by minimally invasive surgery, it's an alternate to ancient “open” surgery throughout that associate outsized incision is made. within the minimally invasive surgery, the doctor inserts a skinny tube with a little camera into the body to visualize within organs and relevant treatment is to be provided. If the matter is with the abdomen or passage, the doctor puts the scope through the gullet. to examine for malignant neoplastic disease or totally different problems with the intestines, the doctor puts the scope through the asshole into the bowel

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