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Modes of ventilation in treatment of OSAS

Background: Long term compliance is generally suboptimal in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS)

Objectives: Efficacy and adherence of CPAP and BiPAP was compared in patients diagnosed with moderate-to-severe OSAS.

Methodology: After diagnostic polysomnography (PSG) and titration in 20 patients, patients were treated with CPAP and BiPAP for 8 weeks. Compliance and leakage were analysed night by night.


• The reduction in AHI and ESS score was more in patients on BiPAP compared to patients on CPAP.

• Leakage time was also lesser with BiPAP compared to CPAP

• Compliance and patient comfort was good with BiPAP compared to CPAP

Conclusion: Treatment efficacy and adherence was better with BiPAP.

Also there was a trend of lesser leakage with BiPAP therapy.

Patients preferred BiPAP over CPAP

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