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Modular 3d Environmental Development for Augmented Reality

This work used industry standard practices and technologies as a foundation to explore the current and future advancements in 3D environmental production. Outlining how the field is moving towards the inclusion of AI assisted generation, and its role in immersive Augmented Reality environments. This study will explore modular environmental construction techniques utilized in large scale 3D productions. This will include the reasoning behind this approach to production, the principles in successful development, potential pitfalls and different methodologies for successful implementation of practice in commercial and proprietary interactive engines. A focus will be on the role of the 3D environmental artists in maximizing their productivity in this field, preparedness for changes in this area, and preparation for new challenges faced by evolutions in this field, driven by tandem technological advancements. With a basis established, the study will utilize data to analyze progression in the field of modular environmental construction, identifying progression available through Artificial Intelligence.

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