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My Experiences in Using Autologous Human Hair Follicular Stem Cells (AMT) With Regenera Technology Combination With Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for Androgenetic Alopecia Treatments - in Both Male Pattern Hair Loss (MPHL)&Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL) in Asian Populations.

Involving using of human hair follicular stem cells combining  with Platelet Rich Plasma ( PRP)  in Androgenetic Alopecia in Both Men and Women that holds a great promise.When the Micrograft ( Human Hair Follicles)  is added , it pushes the system to under remodelling through the Regeneration process by activation of fibroblasts and Mesoangioblasts ( vessels associated progenitor cells ). Regenera micro-grafts are 70 - 80 microns dimensions, and each of them are consisting of the components  in the Tissue Engineering Triangle ; Stromal Vascular Fractions ( CD90+/CD105+/CD73+/ Melanocyte progenitor , HFDMSC CD 44+ , HFESC CD200+), Extra-cellular Matrix ( ECM), and Growth Factors ( GF) .

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