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Native Rice Delicacies of Naic, Cavite: An Exploratory Study of Gastronomical Past, Present and Future

There is a lack of initiatives regarding the preservation of culinary heritage in the Philippines; or if it is not lacking, those initiatives remain unheard of. The discussions in this research study will focus on discovering the authentic rice delicacies of Naic, Cavite, determine their current state at present, and talk about the potential impacts that have already affected them or might affect them in the future such as commercialization and industrialization. This study will also discuss if these rice delicacies may be considered as Naic, Cavite’s food heritage, through the use of bases and approaches concerning food heritage by Jacinthe Bessière. To find ways on how to preserve Naic, Cavite’s rice delicacies are the last objective of this study, together with the propagation of knowledge with regards to the subject matter. Results of this study indicated that the distinct rice delicacies of Naic, Cavite can be considered as their food heritage according to the bases of Bessière for food heritage. However, one rice delicacy of the town can no longer be considered as part of Naic, Cavite’s food heritage because its main ingredient is no longer being locally produced by the town. In addition to this, there are also impacts that certainly affect these rice delicacies at present. The researchers concluded the study with various means of preserving Naic, Cavite’s food heritage.

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