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Natural Gums as Thickeners in the Process of Cotton Fabric Printing

In the present world, printing is most significant of all the processes used to decorate textile materials. It is a renowned process used in textile industry to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the fabric to gratify the buyer taste. Primarily, printing is a type of coloring in which the colors are applied to a particular area rather than entire fabric. Thickeners are used to restrict the coloring matter on the design during printing process. The use of man-made thickeners in printing industry leads to several harmful effects on the environment. Hence in this study we have emphasized the use of different eco-friendly natural gums as thickeners to reduce the consequences on the environment. The printed samples were then assessed for color fastness to wash and rubbing. Experimental observations showed that the natural gums of neem, babul and moringa can be effectively used in printing of cotton fabrics as indigenous and natural thickeners.

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